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Polishing is a common term that all vehicle owners use but what is it really? In the industry of detailing, polishing is used to enhance the appearance, create a reflective surface, & even removing contaminations. The reasons why you should do it really depends on you. Do you want to maintain the looks of your vehicle? Then by all means, consult your nearest auto detailers for advice. Find an auto detailer who knows what they’re doing. Seasoned veterans will not advice you to only polish but to do coating too because polishing removes micron meters of paintwork off your car. It is recommended to polish once a year and that is why you should consult professionals to get the best out of every detail.

You should do it when you notice scratches, water marks, swirl marks, & believe it or not, even the rain contaminates your vehicle. Polishing can be vital to prevent your vehicle from corrosion due to foreign substances.

Here comes the nitty gritty on what you should do. At WashAway, there are important pre-wash steps first taken before any work can be done. This is to ensure the process of polishing sticks to your vehicle better and longer. Decontamination to remove tar, bug-squash & brake-dust build-up, degreasing and then a pre-wash are the first key steps to be taken. After that, 7-steps Professional Polish will benefit to remove foreign substances & also scratches. Radiant Makeover on the other hand, a different package all together serves to brighten up paintwork. If you’re looking for heavy hitters, go for the 7-steps Professional Polish.

Look for a simpler, time-effective, & affordable option at WashAway. Hit two birds with one stone. How? All coating (Ceramic & Graphene) package comes with 7 -steps Professional Polish. You’re covered from top to bottom. 7-steps is a 3-layer job that results in better finishes allowing your vehicle to get sparkling shine that lasts longer. Ask and get detailed assessment on your vehicle so you understand what is needed before you commit to anything.

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