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Car detailing is a comprehensive process. It can be quite daunting & confusing whether when is the right time to get your vehicle detailed. In this excruciating weather of ours, the harsh effect takes a toll the moment your vehicle steps out of the showroom. With WashAway, let us help you address these signs with experience & expertise. In this article, you’ll explore signs to suggest that it is time to detail your car & how best to approach it.

Auto Detailing Symptoms

  1. Dull/Faded Paint: A clear indication that the paint is wearing out. Environmental factors in Malaysia plays a huge part in the deterioration on the exterior of a vehicle. To counter this, paint correction & restoration is needed to bring the car back to its former glory.
  1. Visible Swirl Marks & Scratches: Another common indication that an auto detailing help is needed. An unavoidable circumstance that needs correction & protection from further damage. Untreated scratches can lead to permanent or heftier repairs.
  1. Stains & Odors: Malaysian’s love snacking in their vehicle. It is one of the common factors that stains & also cause foul smelling odors in the car. Untreated interiors can or will cause infestations of unwanted guests such as the infamous ‘La Cucaracha’ or commonly known as cockroaches.
  1. Dirty & Foggy Headlights: Foggy headlights causes the bad visibility especially during the night. The clarity & brightness of our headlights reduces as the cover of the headlight goes through oxidation. 
  1. Wheels & Rim: We tend to forget to watch over our wheels & rims thinking it is not important. Let it be known that the detailing & maintenance of the wheels & rim provides peace of mind & to our wallets. This is because brake dust & grime can accumulate & cause our brakes to deteriorate quickly. 
  1. Engine Bay: The beating heart of the car. One of if not the most important part to maintain. On time service is not the only thing that is needed to keep the car healthy longer. A neglected engine bay can affect functionality & the lifetime of the parts.

Why Choose ‘WashAway’?

If you’re still contemplating or choosing which detailer is right for you, allow us to convince you for your convenience & trust in us.

  • Comprehensive Services: We provide multiple services addressing both the exterior & interior of your vehicle. We offer solutions based on what you need.
  • Personalized Approach: Before we work on your car, it is important for us to understand each other & in that way, we can understand your car’s condition better thus allowing us to tend to your specific needs. 
  • Expertise & Experience: Constant research with trial & errors brought us here. We want the best for our car and for yours too. We ensure the right use of the best products & skills to bring out the best result.

Ways to Maintain Your Car’s Appearance Between Detailing Sessions

  1. Car Wash: Washing your car vehicle before it gets really dirty is key. Frequent washing helps prevent accumulation of dirt that can damage your car’s paint. Use a neutral pH car shampoo & microfiber mitt to avoid scratches.
  1. Waxing: An extra layer of protection is needed to shield it from environmental effects. Waxing should be done every few months.
  1. Interior Care: Make sure crumbs & dust are cleaned off. Regularly vacuum & wiped down to prevent dirt build-up. You can also use proper cleaning products to maintain the interior such as leather seats or dashboard.
  1. Wheels & Rims: Use or clean the wheels of your vehicle to protect them from dirt build-up too. Use proper cleaning products to remove brake dust & dirt.
  1. Parking: Shaded parking is hard to find but if you can, you should park in shaded areas to minimize environmental damages. Also, avoid parking under trees as tree saps or bird droppings can damage the paint.


To reiterate, detailing your vehicle is more than a cosmetic option. It does not only protect the paint but also the parts. It is a necessary investment that you should take in order to maintain or prolong the use of your hard-earned vehicle. Remember that regular maintenance is also needed to help extend the benefits of professional auto detailing. Both comes hand in hand to maximise your efforts.

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