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Innovation and passion can lead to great things. Back in 2018, a group of like-minded individuals challenged the idea of car detailing. The questions running through our mind was that, why is auto detailing not a thing in Malaysia? Is it because of the lack of awareness? Perhaps it could be the price?
Thus, we decided to take the first step to revamp the scene of car detailing. Our drive began with a single outlet, a passionate team working to connect with the community, to set an example of what it means to be in the industry.

Washaway is meant to change the idea of auto detailing. Our mission is to educate the public that detailing can be more than just your ordinary car wash. Sure, you might be able to spend less on your neighbourhood car wash but ask yourself this, what are you getting back in return from every visit? That is what we want to change. The general assumption of auto detailing is car wash and that is a mistake that most people make. Notice how similar most car wash are, cleaning the exterior, vacuuming car mats, and very rarely, the interior and underside of your vehicle. In contrast, auto detailing involves a trained professional who applies a strategy to maintain your vehicle to factory freshness.

At Washaway, the goal is to make your vehicle look brand new as possible. To preserve the value of your vehicle by cleaning and maintaining the exterior and interior, so they are resilient to the outdoor elements. This allows your vehicle to be crisp and fresh most times, without you worrying. Auto detailing is extremely detailed and we are ready to tackle this challenge.

Our detailers are equipped with strict quality controlled products. For example, during the lockdown, we were able to test multiple brands on our own vehicles and have managed to spot a good product called Nano. A japan-grade product that delivers a long lasting effect and is gentle to the paintwork and fabric. We believe that customers are able to make an informed decision themselves, thus we choose not to compromise the quality of our product and service to gain their trust.

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