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We often overlook the interior of our vehicle. Isn’t it common to always focus more on the exterior rather than the interior? This article is meant to focus on the importance of getting your interior detailed only because we do not realize we spend almost two to three hours a day in the car. This affects us directly because you cannot see the bacteria, grime, dust, and dirt build-up and the air we breathe is compromised. To prevent that from happening, it is only right that you do the same for your interior as the exterior.

Benefits of a Clean Interior

There are many benefits to a clean cabin. Without proper maintenance, it can affect the health of passengers. Avoiding health issues is crucial. If you or your family members are suffering from an allergy, this may be one of the causes for triggering certain allergies because of poor interior air. Besides health benefits, the features of your car will wear down quicker too. Consoles, steering wheel, cabin air filter, and other features can be affected by dirt build-up.

Whenever you are getting into your car, you are bringing in dust and dirt. The moment you eat in your car, the crumbs and dirt accumulate thus attracting pests such as ants, cockroaches, etc. You’ll want to prevent this from happening to not give pests a reason to seek refuge in your car. Always practice early safety measures.

WashAway’s NanoPure Package

Now that you are aware of the importance of a cleaner cabin, here’s what is offered at WashAway to help you with interior detailing. NanoPure Package consists of the usual wash and vacuum but what you want to focus on is the NanoPure Lite and Ozone Treatment. NanoPure is a specially formulated treatment spray that allows up to 99.99% of bacteria disinfection. Ozone treatment is a safe to use heating device that eliminates growth of bacteria and bad odor allowing your vehicle smell fresh and new. Your cabin will also be detailed professionally with Orapi to clean out tough spots to prevent dirt build-up. Do check out other packages offered as WashAway is a one-stop auto detailing centre that your car needs.

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