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At WashAway, the important of protecting your car’s paint in our tropical climate is our top priority. Our focus is to provide top-notch auto detailing services which is not limited to clear coat application.

In this article, we are going to delve into the significance of clear car coats and how our services cater to the unique challenges in local weather.


The Significance of Clear Car Coats:

In Malaysia, our cars are exposed to intense sunlight, acid rain, and even environmental elements thus having clear coats are an indispensable asset to preserving a car’s paint. Our coating service ranges from Hybrid, Ceramic*, Graphene, and Car Wax. These 4 option acts as a protective barrier, ensuring our car maintains its vibrant appearance despite the harsh climate.

In addition, we offer coating protection to the interior of your vehicle too. Interior coating forms a hydrophobic surface allowing for cleaning to be easier and for it to be well maintained. The other benefits of interior coating are that it prevents liquid, dirt, and grime from penetrating the surfaces thus reducing the risk of stains and odors. Not forgetting UV protection as well and it gives the interior a luxurious appearance.

Coatings are a great investment to preserve the beauty and value of your vehicle’s interior.

*Read more on ceramic coating here to explore different options.


Tailored Solutions for Our Climate:

We provide coating solutions specifically targeted to counter our harsh climate challenges. Offering a range of options such as UV-resistant coats to combat fading, hydrophobic coatings to repel water, and dust-resistant treatments to prevent dirt buildup.

The products that we use at WashAway have been tried and tested to last in our climate conditions. We are confident that this allows us to provide the utmost care and attention to your vehicle.


Regular Maintenance and Inspection:

To allow your coating investment to be worthwhile, we highly recommend regular maintenance and inspection of the clear coats. We provide a lifetime membership with every promotional package purchase and our staffs are also trained to identify damages or wear, allowing us to provide timely touch-ups and prevent paint deterioration.

We encourage car owners to trust in our professional auto detailing services despite options of DIY being made available. The results that you will get from a trained technician and the experience to understand unique nuances of our weather conditions will be the difference between a professional setting and DIY projects. The quality of products also differs between commercialized usage and professional usage. Achieve the best possible protection you can get with us.



We are here to support you despite Malaysia’s climate. With our clear coat service and dedication, we offer personalized solutions to protect your vehicle. By understanding the importance of having clear coats, the right product, and professional expertise, your vehicle is protected and will look stunning for years to come. Check out our services page for more info and contact us for your appointment today!

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