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Coating is an essential application that protects your vehicle from environmental damage. We believe most Malaysian car owners would have applied some or complete package of coating and majority do not know that there are necessary steps to be taken to maintain or prolong the effectiveness of a coat.

It is easy to underestimate the lifespan of a coating barring if you take care of it well. Sales pitch from auto detailers will often leave out after-sales care emphasizing only on what appeals to consumers in the beginning. Being in the auto detailing industry too, it is also our responsibility to educate our customers so that they know what they are spending their money on and creating a positive relationship between us and consumers. At WashAway, we use a different shampoo for coated cars, an underrated step that is vital to the life of a coat.


Key Car Coating Factors:

  • Never wash your car after a coating is done, about a week or so to let the coating fully cure.
  • Never wash your car under a heated sun to avoid water spots and use clean media for cleaning and drying.
  • It is important for you to know that once you have gotten a coating of your choice, the shampoo that is applied for washing can chemically react with the coat. That is why a pH neutral shampoo comes into the picture to extend the life of the coat.


If you’re unsure on what you should do after getting a coating done, ask us at any of our branches to clarify. We use a product we have tried and tested for coated cars by Nano. A pH neutral shampoo is not only used to prevent chemical reactions; it also enhances the value of a coat by protecting the layer of coat, keeping the gloss effect longer, and is effective at removing light stains without chipping the coat away.

The reason why tradesmen are important is their knowledge and skill. That is why the steps necessary to be taken above are conveniently provided by us for you. Allow us to guide you through the after-sales part so that your perception of auto detailers isn’t skewed to being placebos. Coatings are important and so is the care to maintain them.

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