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Is it really necessary to wax your car? The answer is yes. The simplest way to put it is this, waxing is not a gimmick as it adds an important layer to your car and those layer protects your car from residues that can harm the paint. Everywhere we go, there’s a chance that one from this list may harm the paint, not in particular order, UV Rays, water spots, tree sap, road tar, and yes, even bird droppings. Besides that, waxing prevents paint from crack and rust. Now that we know our cars are exposed to external elements, here is one of the best way you can do to guard the paint of your vehicle.

There are 2 types of wax in the market, Natural Carnauba Wax and Synthetic. From those 2, you may select a few variant that comes with it namely, paste, liquid, and spray wax. The gist of the two are listed below.


Carnauba Wax

The oldest between the two is Carnauba wax. It is extracted purely from the Carnauba tree located in Brazil. Carnauba wax has been in the market for the longest time because of its natural effect giving cars a glow and shine that cannot be replicated in any other form. Not only it is natural, it lasts up to 4 months.



Made from polymers that can bond with the paint, it is quite durable. Lasting up to 12 months depending on the type of wax and the weather condition, though synthetic wax offers good paint protection but the shine isn’t comparable to that of Carnauba.


Choosing a wax

Now the question remains, which type of wax should you go with? Weighing the pros and cons, we do recommend Carnauba. It has been in the game for the longest time and it has the trust of car enthusiasts. Living in Malaysia, the weather condition is hot and humid. Carnauba wax has the highest melting point suitable for our climate. It is critical to creating an effective and durable coat compared to synthetic, only because Carnauba is able withstand and resist high temperature. By today’s standard, it has been elevated with other natural ingredients allowing it to last longer than expected. The last thing you want is for the wax to fade off or be washed away quickly.



We hope that this has been informative to allow you to come to a conclusion. Between natural Carnauba and synthetic, we choose the former. Here at WashAway, we have tried and tested many wax products to come down to this decision and our customers are happy with it. We offer Carnauba wax in most of our packages, we find it important that our customers are protected in the best way possible. Of course you may wax at home by yourself but it is important to note that waxing should be done professionally, as it requires step-by-step process and we are equipped with proper machines to do just that.

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