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We’ve all had the privilege to get our car washed only for it to rain the moment it’s done. It almost made us feel as though we were capable of summoning the rain. Too good to be true.

What about washing our car after it rains? Looks counter productive because technically, the rain did its job for us, right? That’s actually quite the opposite. I was also under the impression that, the rain did me a favour by washing away all the dirt from my car but I’ve always noticed that there are always more dust or dirt on my car. I’ve looked it up and found out why wouldn’t the rain do exactly what I thought it would.


The Properties Of Rainwater

The assumption of rainwater being able to clean our vehicles is indeed false. Do you remember the cycle of rain? Rainwater travels through the atmosphere collecting contaminants in that process. When it rains, our vehicles are exposed many forms of external harm that could damage the paint. These contaminants dries up in the form of water spots on paint, windows, and headlights. So do not assume that rainwater helps to wash off the dirt off your car. It is often a great idea to head straight to the car wash after it rains.


Weather Forecast

Now, this whole idea of waiting for the rain to pour sounds tedious. The helpful solution is, to check the weather forecast. Instilling a habit of checking the weather forecast not only for your car wash but for your daily routine, is a skill to have. Weather forecast tends to get a bad rep because sometimes, it does not predict the weather efficiently. It is a common misconception that if it forecasts rain, therefore it will rain. Here’s a quick guide on how to read the data from the forecast. The ‘Precipitation’ percentage thats on the weather forecast is the answer. If we were to search ‘Klang weather forecast’ on Google, we can look at the time, weather, and precipitation percentage. For example, Klang, 6pm, Rain, precipitation percentage is 60%, this means that 60% of Klang would have rain, 40% would not.



Should you wash your car after it rains? The answer is always a yes. Always remember that the dirt or salt on your car can eat away the paint. We recommend you to get a protective finish of your choice to prevent further damage from external harm. Check out our article on those finishes to help you make an informed decision if you do decide to apply.


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